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In 2010, the Malefic Time website began to post these texts on the blog. Do these days seem like a coincidence? We will reran the texts that were published in its day about the creation process.



The Manga of MALEFIC TIMESoum_Malefic_Time_Manga

Soum, manga Malefic Time

Soum. Our new bad girl

The Manga of MALEFIC TIME begins! You´ll know who is really Soum.

Will be released by the great Kenny Ruiz.



110 Akelarres 




Back to the lion's den ...

Back to the stained areas, the walls filled with gray, ghosts under the cap.

Back in the storm of memories. To once again become the monsters of the story.

To shut ourselves in.

To forget ourselves.

Camas, Patches and Hats in illogical equation which becomes again into inert nightmare on our hands. While the world scarcely rubs his eyes, awakening from the Apocalypse, three demented meets again covered by the echoes of his own past and the things they left behind.

It is time again to tear our skin. It is time again to sully the stories, to leave heart pieces in the corners. It is again a road that we already recognize. The needed paved trail. The thorns are back.

We return to take charge of our torment, even more aware of the necessary sacrifices, the blood the new horizon will need. We return this time to finish what we started.

There are no lights outside the barred window. There are no windows at all. There are no stars on the horizon or their holes. There are no looks to the south that fill us with sighs, no beats beyond the deep silence of our own beats, frozen in time spent in this war. There are no reasons or motives. There's nothing to lose, since we lost it ... therefore, there is no fear.

110 katanas that will mark the 110 sword lunges to the soul. Each will carry away a moment in our lives. 110 cigarettes consumed in sleepless nights absent from dreams. There will be 110 cups of coffee like raven wings, bitter and presence to remind us why we decided to die in this task. There will be 110 kisses kidnapped, 110 blank stares, 110 daily sacrifices, nothing to gain or lose in the attempt ...and then his Coven. All the ghosts and demons summoned. All the dark days and sleepless nights. All charcoal and ink sketches, all the memories behind the walls we erect. All the neon lights in our breaths, all the crystals that scratch inside these three silhouettes of men that no longer are men.

Canas, Patches and Hats ...

We grab again the madness as the only alternative to outlive.

We put our gut on the table again.

We give everything to build the dreams we have lost.

Here we are. We will not take prisoners.




ARCO 2012 - International Contemporary Art Fair 

The end of the world comes to the world of art… Malefic time Will expose in ARCO with the gallery Miguel Marcos.
 The project keeps breaking barriers





With the script of 110 Katanas & Akelarre



Luis Royo & Romulo Royo between papers and a thousand questions... lost in dreams and memories under the night

The landscape was bleak. Bare and eroded rocks from which sprouted large dried roots, black as coal. He looked at his boots with mud up to the ankles, she seemed to have come a long way, but she could not remember.







Come to the premiere of the video on big screen! 



It's time! After many months of hard work, we can announce the premiere of the video Malefic Time: Apocalypse by Avalanch.

On Saturday January 28th at 5:45 p.m. Matadero Cineteca in Madrid, which also coincides with the last day to see the exhibition of Malefic Time.

Luis Royo, Romulo Royo, Avalanch and the director Miguel Mesas will discuss of the creative process of the music video after the screening, and they will sign their works.






We share the process of the creation in 3D of the figure "malefic". By Yamato.






From LH Magazine make us a review of Malefic Time, highlighting the multidisciplinary of the project and the scope. You can read it here (only in Spanish)

Rodaje Luz




Malefic Time Live!! 

Yes, you read well… Luis Royo, Romulo Royo y Avalanch will take their collaboration where they fans are looking forward… ¡¡a live performance!!

Saturday March 3 in Riviera of Madrid we Will be offering  a great performance  where the band Will be playing the songs of Malefic Time Apocalypse and the royo Will Paint live in the stage in adition to more surprises.

It promises to be a awesome event, the first tickets Will come out at a interesting Prices.





New Malefic Time teaser!

New teaser with the theme of Avalanch "Baal" and the voice of Avalanch.



Exhibition in Madrid and very soon... the video clip! 

If you could not attend Expocómic, you have a new opportunity to see some of the originals that were exhibited there, this time in Matadero Madrid.

On the occasion of the premiere of the video clip of the single Malefic Time Apocalypse by Avalanch, which will be produced at the end of January in the film library of this space, we take this opportunity to exhibit some works from December 20th to January 28th. Very soon we will confirm the date of presentation of this videoclip, directed by Miguel Mesas with the collaboration of Luis Royo and Romulo Royo.

At the Cineteca del MATADERO MADRID

Pso. Chopera, 14

28045 Madrid




RTVE Interview 

In the Comic convention: Expocomic Madrid 2011, RTVE (The national channel of Spain) has done an interview to Luis and Rómulo Royo, here you have the video to enjoy.




First presentation ... 



It was a pleasure be able to present the Malefic Time universe to the press today at SGAE`s headquarters in Madrid.

By Norma Editorial , Óscar Valiente, has commented on the editorial Project, and   by Santo Grial Producciones and Avalanch, , Alberto Rionda, Fran Fidalgo, Enrique Granda y Antonio Sediles.

For the first time we have been able to see the finished book and CD and the pack.  Everything looks great, the record sounds great and combined with the images is awesome. I`m looking forward to see your impressions!!

Very soon we wil post more images of the event.




Kenny Ruiz... Author of the Malefic Time´s manga!



We're pleased to announce you... Kenny Ruiz! As all of you know he won the "mejor mangaka español" price for Two Swords.

Now he´s going to stay in the incredible Malefic Time universe, (originally created by Luis Royo & Romulo Royo.)

Kenny will be the author of the Malefic Time´s manga, with a marvelous completely new story about Soum, one of the principal characters and her begins in the 13 moons sect

This exotic character origin ARY from Japan will take us to Tokyo streets, few years before the start of the Apocalypse and will end with the meeting with Malefic.

Soon you will discover, Soum one of the most attractive characters of the Malefic Time´s universe she´s skilled and sensual warrior, also she´ll defend Malefic until the last consequences.

This manga will follow the line with the CD of Avalanch or the Jesús Veltche’s new book. introducing a new perspective of the story.

Kenny Ruiz (Alicante, 1980) from the beginning was seen as one of the ideal authors for the project, an author who has demonstrated his great progression in his current series Two Swords, which has earned him the award for Best Spanish Manga at the last Salón del Manga in Barcelona.
We will have to wait until October 2012 to enjoy Malefic Time's manga, but we will soon reveal more secrets and details on this page!

To learn more about Kenny Ruiz and his work:




By alphabetical order:

P R O Y E C T    E D I T O R I A L
Fernando Castro, Art Criticism
Bressend, Comunity Manager
Susa Iglesias, Artist Manager (Norma Agency)
Norma Editorial, Publishing
Vanessa Martínez, Mesign
Pilar San Martín, Management y Originals
Kenny Ruiz, cartoonist
Rebeca Saray, Photography
Óscar Valiente, Publishing  (Norma Editorial)
Jesús Vilches, Writer

I N T E R N A C I O N A L     P U B L I S H I N G

Bragelonne - Milady, France
Norma Editorial, Spain & Latin America
Rizzoli Lizard, Italy


Heye, Calendars & Stationary
Yamato, Figures for collectors
Nocturna models, miniature figures

A U D I O  - V I S U A L    P R O Y E C T
AlassieCostume designer
Alberto Rionda, música
Avalanch, Music
Santo Grial, Record label
Edu Marimón, authoring DVD
Miguel Mesas, Videoclip director
Jafet Leonardo, props & atrezzo (Prop Corn)
Onirikal Studio, visual effects & animation
Costurero Real, makeup atrezzo
Antonio Sedilesmusical coordinator

E V E N T S   &   E X H I B I T I O N S
Expocómic Madrid
Matadero Madrid
Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona
ARCO - International Contemporary Art Fair






Luis Royo & Romulo Royo

Norma Editorial

128 color pages, cardboard format

Published on: december, 2011

Includes DVD with interviews, unpublished galleries, 5 songs by Avalanch and a fragment of the first novel, among other contents.



Malefic Time: Apocalypse is the starting point of the Malefic Time universe. History places us in a desolate New York in 2038, in the days of the apocalypse. Malefic begins to search for answers...


Jesús Vilches, about the original work of Luis Royo and Rómulo Royo

Norma Editorial


Published on: April, 2012



The universe of Malefic Time expands with the first novel, which go deep into the origins of Luz.


Kenny Ruiz about the original work of Luis Royo and Rómulo Royo.

Norma Editorial


Published on October, 2012



The fisrt Malefic Time manga! The best format to explain the origin of the most charismatic character of Malefic Time: Soum.

You can buy it here: Amazon


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