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Black Friday at Laberinto Gris

Black Friday begins in Laberinto Gris.


We want to bring you the opportunity to participate in this event.

We believe that a single day is not enough, so in this 2019, we extended our event from November 15 to December 2. Don't think twice! And get your picture now.

We have great news for you. ALL our limited editions will have a 30% and 50% discount. Without exception. Choose the ones you like the most and don't let them escape, as they will be available until the edition is finished.

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Happy Black Friday!

FLOWERS AND THORNS 5 - Romulo Royo - 42 x 60 cm (16.54 x 23.62 in)

JOKER'S LIGHT - Luis Royo - 90 x 61 cm (35.43 x 24.02 in)

ACEITES Y VAPORES - Luis Royo - 60 x 42 cm (23.62 x 16.54 in)

FALLEN ANGEL - Luis Royo - 100 x 61 cm (39.37 x 24.02 in)

MALINCHE GODDESS - Romulo Royo - 61 x 87 cm (24.04 x 34.25 in)


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