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When we are approaching the end of 2019, and as a culmination of the exhibitions presented during this year, Laberinto Gris has prepared a heterogeneous sample of our artists, where you can see during their long career the different conceptions within their works, both chromatic, of composition, thematic or technical.

They belong to different projects and different years of execution. Some works are of common projects and others some personal proposals. Thus we believe that with this exhibition you will be able to know the wide plastic springs of our prolific artists.

The exhibition brings together new drawings of Conceptions from the trilogy of Conceptions books, published in more than twenty countries such as USA, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. and translated into twelve languages. In these papers we have a fresh and recognizable line of sensuality and universe of Luis Royo.

We wanted to offer a work of the erotic tale The Eyes of Unicorn from the book Prohibited III, a genre that few authors address and in which Luis Royo has shaped his most intimate and dark world. The sample includes others from the erotic genre such as Behind the curtain III of the book Women or an unpublished work, Second Prelude. And of course, pieces of the Fantasy genre that are already a reference, Beauty and the Beast or The Fallen Angel Avalanch...

In the exhibition we show new drawings by Romulo Royo from the Flowers and Thorns series, Nebat, one of the paintings on canvas of the well-known Goddesses of Nibiru series that has been exhibited at prestigious Contemporary Art fairs such as Art Miami (USA), Gige Bejin (China) in Art international instanbul (Turkey), Arco Madrid (Spain) etc.

With this tour, we mention Born to kill, a piece that makes a turn to pop in which it merges elements of the cinema fused with its universe and its renowned women that are enveloped by an atmosphere of elegance and mystery.

We hope you enjoy this tour through different genres and universes, or as you prefer to name and travel through them.

BORN TO KILL - Romulo Royo - 105 x 135 cm


THE VAMPIRE SEXTETE - Luis Royo - 104 x 57 cm


FISSURES OF THE BREEZE - Luis Royo - 42 x 55 cm


NEBAT - Romulo Royo - 92 x 73 x 3.5 cm


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