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Laberinto Gris presents Box of Dreams, an online exhibition exclusively about artworks by Luis Royo.

Last year we did something totally original and brand new for us, launch Dreaming in the Labyrinth, an online exhibition with paintings made specifically for the show, and the response was amazing.

Considering this, Laberinto Gris has decided to make a second edition of this event, but this time you’ve already seen some of the final paintings.

The exhibition brings together preliminary artworks from different projects, books and stages of the well-known final versions done by the artist.


The process from developing an idea from a sketch to a more refined and finished piece of work is absolutely critical, the preparation to create successful preliminary sketches is all about making smart transitions in terms of scale, complexity and focus.


Usually Luis works on small scales, so the first sketches have no big difference between the finish and the preliminaries, are very true to the final size. 


The purpose of these first strokes is to find a balance, a movement, a composition. Loose strokes with some color here or there. Some of the finish artworks have behind just one sketch, others will have many more. There is no one number of preliminaries you have to make before passing to the next step but in many occasions the artist explores the subject in depth until he is ready and convinced. And that’s exactly why we now can show you this part of the process. Additionally, the artist in this occasion wanted to present a more finished version with color showing the next step of the process, having a much more complete piece.


The preliminaries you are going to see in this exhibition are the same style Luis got us used to, fantasy, fiction, eroticism…making it unbelievable real.



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