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November means discounts. November means Black Friday


Black Friday is the name given to the tradition originated in USA, where the last Friday of November of every year is launched to the market specials discounts and offers. In Laberinto Gris we don’t want to miss the chance to give you the opportunity of participating in this event. We try to improve every year offering you better offers and a larger range of styles to choose from.


We also believe a single day is not enough, so in this 2018, we extend our event from 16 of November to 26 of November. ¡Don’t think twice!


We are excited to tell you about all the surprises we’ve been preparing for this event, but in particular, our most outstanding promotion:


Two exclusive limited editions of 50 units each for this event. LUZ IN IRKALLA by Romulo Royo and THE DAUGHTER OF THE MOON by Luis Royo and that they will be at 50% of their original price and may be purchased only and exclusively during the period of the promotion.


LUZ IN IRKALLA is the latest works of Romulo Royo and you can see the main character of Malefic Time, specifically the moment Luz is in the Irkalla.


THE DAUGHER OF THE MOON is one of the most emblematic works of Luis Royo and worldwide known. Has been published in the author’s book Subversive Beauty and is a very significate piece of the artist.


¡Don’t forget!... You can just purchase them during the BLACK FRIDAY Event.



If you believe Black Friday is a great moment to take advantage of the discounts and get yourself an original piece, well... we agree! That’s why ALL our original works are having a 15% discount.

We have original work from different themes, techniques and stages of the artist through their professional career.



In case your favorite limited edition is not among those mentioned above, do not worry, we have good news for you. All our limited editions will enjoy of a 30% discount. Without exceptions. Choose the ones you like most and do not let them go away since some of them are very limited editions and they are not going to be able for a long.


¡Happy Black Friday!


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