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As it is already a tradition, the last Friday of every November, Black Friday is celebrated, and one more year, Laberinto Gris wants to give you special discounts applied in a selection of Limited Editions of the artists Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, among which are a variety of their most representative pieces.

From 17th to 30th November, you can enjoy 30% discounts on TOMOE GOZEN, NEW TAARNAESTRELLA and MALINCHE QUEEN by Romulo Royo and THERE'S NO MORE WIND, THE WAITTHE DOOR TO ALWAYS NEVER and THE DAUGHTER OF THE MOON as a selection of prints by Luis Royo.

The 50% discount will be applied to Romulo Royo's Limited Editions TOMOE GOZEN V, TOMOE GOZEN VIMICKEY MOUSE EXISTS and Luis Royo's LUZ, NEW SECRETSTHE NEEDLES OF JOY and LUZ, 2038 PARIS 1.


Luz, 2038 Paris 1 LUIS ROYO


       Luz, 2038 Paris 1, LUIS ROYO (82 x 61  cm / 32.28 x 24.02  inch)



Mickey Mouse Exists ROMULO ROYO                                                  

        Mickey Mouse Exists, ROMULO ROYO (42 x 60  cm / 16.54 x 23.62  inch)



There's no more wind LUIS ROYO                                                

          There's no more wind, LUIS ROYO (42 x 60  cm / 16.54 x 23.62  inch)



Luz, 2038 Paris 1 and Luz by Luis Royo, belong to the illustrated book Malefic Time Akelarre and Malefic Time Apocalypse respectively, being part of the Malefic Time universe, an ambitious project of Luis Royo and Romulo Royo that has numerous releases of multimedia projects.

The acid and critical humor of Mickey Mouse Exists by Romulo Royo, is part of a series of several works including I Love Bam! or Your Sexy Beast, which places the pop elements of the artist's imaginary in an apocalyptic context of striking chromaticism.

From the apocalyptic we move to the fantastical Land of Avalon with Luis Royo's There's no more wind, which appears on the back cover of Visions and inside Fantastic Art. Both author's books explore this fantastic language plagued by dualities between the beautiful and the terrifying.


Tomoe Gozen V, ROMULO ROYO


         Tomoe Gozen V, ROMULO ROYO (61 x 90  cm / 24.02 x 35.43  inch)


Along with Tomoe Gozen and Tomoe Gozen VI this graphic work was presented at the contemporary art fair Art Miami, in which Romulo Royo presents us these beautiful and serene images of the Japanese warrior Tomoe Gozen transporting us to that narrow line between myth and reality, in which a woman who existed in reality becomes a legend for her great deeds.

Subversive Beauty, authored by Luis Royo, houses the pieces The Daughter of the Moon, inspired by the Persian legend of the moon and New Secrets, which also appears on the cover of the American edition of Secrets.

Romulo Royo's New Taarna is a reinterpretation of the iconic Heavy Metal heroine, with her unforgettable red armor, which appears in the second issue of the artists' Projects.

This completes this selection of varied limited editions, both in technique and theme, as a celebration of the diversity offered by the art of the authors. From Laberinto Gris we hope that this selection of pieces is to your liking and that you can enjoy it this Black Friday! 
New Secrets & New Taarna
         New Secrets, LUIS ROYO (61 x 83  cm / 24.02 x 32.68  inch) and New Taarna, ROMULO ROYO (42 x 60  cm / 16.54 x 23.62  inch)


          The wait, LUIS ROYO (88 x 61  cm / 34.65 x 24.02  inch)







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