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Laberinto Gris presents this new exhibition with authentic passion.

Its title, “Prohibited”, encompasses a long-term project by Luis Royo. “Prohibited Book s” was a collection of books which started in 1999 and was a great success, with numerous reeditions in both the USA and Europe. The works in this collection were so significant that in 2009 a selection of contents from its four books were brought together and published again in a renewed, remastered edition. 

It was the most irreverent, intimate and provocative project of his long career and to which intermittently during these years he has been contributing and creating new works that have been added to his forbidden world with his personal vision of eroticism.

For some time now Laberinto Gris has been reorganizing and recompiling all the original material that follows the trend, the intention and the footsteps of this aspect of the artist.  From the old work we are going to provide everything that is not yet in the hands of collectors (much of it is no longer available) and we will add the works completed by the author along the same lines over the last few years. We have cast off the veil of so-called correctness and with uninhibited freedom we have immersed ourselves in this exhibition, confident that it will be enthusiastically welcomed by many of their fans, and that it will be an exquisite delicacy for our collector friends. I don’t think I need to say that the exhibition is also just as irreverent and provocative as the books were. 

As an introduction to the exhibition nothing could define and encapsulate it better than this adaptation of that distant prologue to the first Prohibited Book in 1999:

These first words are to give us guidance to the form and attitude we should adopt when we view this exhibition. They are simply intended to be a sort of instruction guide. If, as is to be hoped, your interest goes further, you can view it again with more intellectual intentions, which will be praise, indeed.

But let’s get to the point, forget the old truism about eroticism, about pornography, about sexualization or liberation. Let’s look for a quiet place, a comfortable and soft place to sit, even if it also serves as a bed with creased sheets. Let’s get close to the screen and prop the laptop on the arm of the chair or on the pillow, and move the mouse with our left hand.

Let’s take off our tight and uncomfortable clothing and put on a comfortable shirt or pajamas. After, let’s slip the fingers of our right hand over our lips that previously had been moistened by our tongue, let’s move down massaging ever so lightly to one side and then the other side of the neck, let’s continue by moving our open hand over our chest, let’s create some playful moments around the belly button, going inside it ever so slightly.
With the index finger, or perhaps with the forefinger and the heart, stretch while the rest of the fingers remain relaxed or make a beautiful O” with them all, depending on whether you are of the feminine, masculine or another sex, let’s bring ourselves to the inner surface of our thigh, with all the desire of staying moist.

From this simple and rewarding operation we’re able to begin using our left hand to go from one picture to another, keeping in mind that the right hand doesn’t forget its duty and continues with the gentle movements it knows. I hope that when the visit to the exhibition reaches its end, the hand is left impregnated with the sacred liquids of our interior.
The author would be satisfied if all the steps of this instruction guide work out well.

As you will see, the largest erotic work has been gathered for this exhibition, some of them are iconic. These days, it is no longer possible to make a more complete exhibition of the artist about this theme. Laberinto Gris wants you to enjoy it with the same passion as its compilation was made.


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