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Author Romulo Royo

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150 x 120  cm
59.06 x 47.24  inch


Acrylic and oil on paper.

Size 150 x 120 cm. ( 59.05 x 47.24 in. )

Year of realization 2014.

Signed in the bottom right of the piece.


It belongs to the series Goddesses of Nibiru, reflects the game of the myth and reality. The delicacy and strength represented by the female figure. Captures beautiful, enigmatic and sometimes veiled factions, as if it were a dream or illusion.

The tones are clear and contrasted, going from a light skin and background to shades almost of black, producing a highly-balanced contrast. The brushwork is expressive without affecting the pearly skin and serene posture. This fluency in his strokes is reminiscent of abstract art, in contrast with a totally figurative, delicate style of painting. Once again, Romulo gives us a piece in which we can appreciate matter, glazing and fluent brushwork, at the same time as there is a definition and representation of beauty. It is not at all easy to be able to find all these elements together.


Painting has always seemed torn between an inward and an outward gaze: between vision and perception, between our dreams and the concrete, highly politicized conditions framing our comprehension of the world and what it might become. Today is no dierent. After a period in which the medium has been dominated by process-based abstraction, the gure – and representation with it – is ascendant again. But, if the 1990s and 2000s saw artists such as John Currin distorting classical form while others, following Gerhard Richter, mimicked photography, today’s figuration displays a distinctly different character. Gone, for the most part, are the echoes of old masters; gone, too, are the blurs of photorealism. What takes their place, instead, is a highly idiosyncratic approach ltered through pronounced aect, comic-book and sci- aesthetics, dreamy narratives and an eagerness to engage with our political moment without forfeiting the sensuousness of the medium.

David Geers (Sotheby's)



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