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Author Romulo Royo

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38 x 56  cm
14.96 x 22.05  inch


Graphite, watercolor and acrylic on handmade paper.

Painted surface 38 x 56 cm (14.96 x 22.05 in ) in a format of 38 x 56 cm (14.96 x 22.05 in)

Year of realization 2019

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

According to exhibition curator, Jennifer Kabat, Vamps & Virgins exposed the secret history of the pin-up, which reflect the 20th century history and shows how the role of women has changed and their images have been employed for more than 100 years. “The development of the pin-up and its accompanying spread of scantily-clad ladies across American culture, from adverts and billboards to TV, is easily the most important event that impacted on women’s rights, the history of sexuality, and feminism over the last century,” Ms. Kabat said. “In this post-modern and post-Playboy world we are used to our models becoming self-aware, self-assured and as self-described feminists, but it wasn’t always the case.”

At its beginnings, erotic was far more explicit than contemporary images. Traded privately, these pictures have now a quaint feel with their couples (and threesomes, foursomes and more) sporting serious expressions and often matching outfits. Toned down as soon as the images spread to the population in postcards form, the model started to use the camp, shy expressions that are the genre’s hallmark, reaching her highpoint with Bettie Page. After Page, the style changed again, turning towards the explicit look of the contemporary centerfold.

Museum of Sex (New York)


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