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Referencia: 457-P

Author Romulo Royo

141.0 x 171.0 cm / 55.51 x 67.32 inch



Acrylic and oil on tracing paper.

Format of 153 x 120 cm (60.24 x 47.24 in)

Framed 171 x 141 x 6 cm (67.32 x 55.51 x 2.36 in)

Year of realization 2008

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


Published inside the author's book "Siameses" page 13.
Painting belonging to the Siameses series from 2006 to 2008.

In this painting like in some pieces, from the serie Siameses various races appear in the same face. Traces of blacks, whites, Asians, are melded together to interpret the many races, cultures and societies; at times these heads are joined to form an egg whose lyrical significance alludes to the planet Earth as an egg in a symbol of birth, a destination marked by an ever more global society where the individuality of different cultures is being lost. There is ambiguity, playing with everyday materials such as leather, shiny objects, light and futuristic aspects whose images recall the most ancient cultures of the African continent.

The distance from this John Berger reflection to that of Romulo Royo is just a one step between their “resistance”. The resistance of the individual and group experience; that of the individual who exists ever further from himself and that of a society which we mark as a group which evolves in perfect harmony with an imposed criteria, always loaded with hereditary conditions that impede or drag us down, if not one that represses our way of being and acting. I believe it is this point where lies the significance of the project on the idea of siamese; an arrival at a place which becomes a reflection of a way of thinking, and in turn, invites us to explore the evolution of the artist himself.
Glòria Bosch. Art Director of the Vila Casas Foundation of book On resistance and Siamese… by Romulo Royo

"There are worlds that sink into the depths of fear, they rush down the spiral of anguish until they crash against vertigo, when they hit bottom, they are swallowed by the jaws of hell and there is only a black spot left in the middle of the infinite." .
Fantastic Art

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