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Romulo Royo


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Author Romulo Royo

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200 x 200 x 10  cm
78.74 x 78.74 x 3.94''  inch


Ink, acrylic and oil on backlighted methacrylate.

Format of 200 x 200 x 10 cm (78.74 x 78.74 x 3.93 in)

Year of realization 2007.



Published on the inside of the author's book Videncia, Velamiento, Ceguera, page 30.
Published on the inside of the author's book Malefic Time, Codex Apocalypse, page 89.

An extraordinary large-format piece from the Siameses series. There is another one with similar features, which is perhaps more representative and belongs to Can Framis Museum’s collection.

In this painting like in some pieces, from the serie Siameses various races appear in the same face. Traces of blacks, whites, Asians, are melded together to interpret the many races, cultures and societies; at times these heads are joined to form an egg whose lyrical significance alludes to the planet Earth as an egg in a symbol of birth, a destination marked by an ever more global society where the individuality of different cultures is being lost. There is ambiguity, playing with everyday materials such as leather, shiny objects, light and futuristic aspects whose images recall the most ancient cultures of the African continent.

Moments later, on the outside, the door of a house opens. The shattered figure of a young woman barefoot, covered in blood from head to toe, appears and begins to walk up the street. Her steps are oscillanting as a drunk person, her gaze seems dead. It leaves crimson prints along the sidewalk and asphalt. Drag a Japanese sword that is held by sheer inertia of his languid fingers. 
Malefic Time, Codex Apocalypse

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