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Romulo Royo


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Author Romulo Royo

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153 x 123 x 7  cm
60.24 x 48.43 x 2.76''  inch


Ink, acrylic and oil on cloth and backligthed methacrylate.

Size 153 x 123 cm. ( 60.23 x 48.42 in. )

Year of realization 2015.


Romulo Royo brings modern-day fantasy and science fiction closer to us, by applying it to the world of painting. A personal and different vision of the current themes in the world of art. He is attracted to universes that transport us to other timeless worlds and spaces, leaving everyday reality to immerse himself in more enigmatic places which have also always existed side by side with mankind.

He approaches his work from the premise of a figurative language marked by a primitive composition, at the same time treated with strength in his brushwork and delicacy in his use of colours and glazes, which highlight the power of his figures.


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