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Romulo Royo


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Author Romulo Royo

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165 x 165 x 10  cm
64.96 x 64.96 x 3.94''  inch


Ink, acrylic and oil on paper.

Format of 165 x 165 cm (64.96 x 64.96 in)

Year of realization 2006.



Published in the book of author "Videncia, Velamiento, Ceguera", page 36.

A large picture, of key importance in the "Siameses" series because of its composition, period of painting and the technique used. Once again, Romulo plays with compositions and matter that recall some of the features of abstract art. The game of finding the figure within the limits of the picture and the contextualised size make this piece special. Two heads that join to form a planet or an egg symbolizing the beginning of life springing from the Siamese twins or duality.
Romulo Royo does not stop drawing heads perhaps because he is assaulted by the opposing image of the headless body . It is by no means easy to escape from one’s head , nor can we flee from our shadow or bodies. Footprints, faces, limits, physicality: these are inherent to the subject.
By Fernando Castro Florez. Art critic and member of the Advisory Board, Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum.

In some pieces, from the serie "Siameses" various races appear in the same face. Traces of blacks, whites, Asians, are melded together to interpret the many races, cultures and societies; at times these heads are joined to form an egg whose lyrical significance alludes to the planet Earth as an egg in a symbol of birth, a destination marked by an ever more global society where the individuality of different cultures is being lost. There is ambiguity, playing with everyday materials such as leather, shiny objects, light and futuristic aspects whose images recall the most ancient cultures of the African continent.

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