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Author Luis Royo

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57 x 76  cm
22.44 x 29.92  inch


Watercolor, acrylic with airbrush and oil on handmade paper.

Painted surface 42 x 65 cm (16.54 x 25.59 in ) in a format of 57 x 76 cm (22.44 x 29.92 in)

Year of realization 2003

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


Illustration made for the erotic series and trilogy of the books Prohibited.
Published on the inside of the author's book Prohibited III, page 13.
Also published on the inside of the author's New Remastered Edition Prohibited book, page 106. Edited in different languages and distributed internationally.

The air came in through the holes in the broken glass, whistling an electrifying melody that adorned and increased the tension of the moment." There in the corner, the huge and monstrous shadow of that deformed being was stalking that delicate little body that was approaching moving its bones (moves the bones my girl) and producing a rhythm and a constant sound with their steps that together with the screeching whistles, accompanied as percussion and added to the scene to complete dancers particles of dust.
The shadow assumed giant proportions as the mass of flesh rose, preparing to soften with its erect muscle as it had never before. The meeting also produced sounds and crunch even more creepy: the great beast was prepared to possess that tiny body, with an animal desire impossible to control and with the conviction that with its huge member split in two that soft figurine.
After letting himself be done, the surprise was drawn in that grotesque face and suddenly Vamp was taking the initiative little by little. Like almost all females, he realized that it was not that bad either, and that the male concept of the crotch is always filtered by an exaggerated male fantasy. He found that before he found that feeling of satisfaction in his pubis, the grotesque monster remained on the ground exhausted and finished.
He approached his great neck, short and venous, and with a slow kiss he sucked a large part of that blood plagued with toxins, he smoothed his hair, he wiped the back of his hand with his lips, covering it with red, smiled and followed walking.

- Prohibited books 3

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