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Original Art


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Author Luis Royo

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  • DM-65
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48 x 65  cm
18.90 x 25.59  inch


Watercolor, acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 28 x 38 cm. (11.02 x 14.96 in.) in a format of 48 x 65 cm. (18.9 x 25.59 in.)

Year of realization 2009.

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

Published inside page 65 at the author's book Dead Moon.

"The whole day went by to the music of hermetic chants and recounts of magic weeds by the old witch and her sorceress. She was on a couch, tense with her eyes closed, letting them do their work. Without moving her eyelids, she felt the cold light of the Moon. She asked for her cloak.

Old Can interrupted her prayer. She put a Yi Jing amulet on her neck and brought to her lips an elaborate potion made of bulbous reed jimson weed, belladonna, agarics, plumes from graveyard birds, the tongue of a poisonous snake, eagle skull and the wings and the juice of a butterfly. With all that, her powers would grow and, like old witches, she would even be able to fly. Even so, cautious and protective, she wishpered to her ear:

-My girl, we do not have enough soldiers.

-You know it's not a question of soldiers. We Yous don't need an army.

-You are too young...

-Death is always with me, so let's take her to where se can finally quench her blood thirst.

She took the potion, she covered herself completely in her black coat and she descended to the courtyard, followed by the old woman and the withches. The soldiers were waiting in line, with Mormo leading them, uniformed for war".

- Dead Moon

Height : 25.59
Width : 18.9

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