The online art magazine The Collector has published two interviews with our artists, Luis and Romulo Royo. Luis Royo's published last summer and Rómulo Royo's have been published recently. The intention of these interviews is to highlight the current of Fantasy Art in contemporary art.

Both of them were interviewed by Greg Beyer, assistant editor specialized in African history and he is a prolific author over more than 100 articles like “8 Famous Contemporary Fantasy Artists to Know”, “What is the Difference Between Fantasy Art and Fantastic Art, “What is Contemporary Fantasy Art?” or “Women in Fantasy Art: More Than a Product of the Male Gaze?”. Graduate in History and Linguistics and a Diploma in Journalism from the University of Cape Town, he has shown in several previous articles his interest in Fantasy Art, this artistic trend that is increasingly being highlighted by academics despite being praised by the public since the 70s and 80s. The interviews, moderated by Anna Sexton, Senior Editor at The Collector, have been accompanied by an article in each case by way of a brief biography.



Romulo Royo, in his interview with Anna and Greg, talks about his past, present and future projects, as well as his inspirations and experiences as an interdisciplinary artist.

Rómulo makes an interesting reflection on how growing up in an environment dedicated to art, full of brushes and papers, influenced him to dedicate himself to this profession, always being aware of the positive and negative parts.

He also reviews his career from his first illustration and fantasy commissions for the Spanish publishing house Norma and for international publications. He comments on his membership in “Grupo 3”, the group of artists of which he was a part when he was very young. And he tells us how he made his first artist dossier and, with the enthusiasm and innocence of a beginning artist, he went to Barcelona in search of a gallery in which to exhibit his paintings until the opportunity for his first exhibition arrived. From then on, his work began to be exhibited in international galleries such as Kavachnina Contemporary Gallery in Miami, Galeria Miguel Marcos, Champaka Gallery or Huberty & Breyne in Brussels, Foundations, Museums and International Fairs, such as Art Forum Berlin, FIAC, Los Angeles Art Show, ARCO Madrid, Art Miami, GIGE Beijing China, ART International Instanbul or ART Wynwood, becoming one of the most important names in the world of contemporary figurative and fantastic art.

Of course, Rómulo highlights the projects he has shared, and those he is still working on today, with his father Luis Royo. At the time of the interview, the project of the Art Generations exhibition at the Galleria Ammanati of the Palazzo Ducale di Lucca was still being developed during the great international fair Lucca Comics & Games, which ended up becoming this past November one of the exhibitions with the largest volume of work and most visited in the history of the fair.

Romulo talks about his fluid style and how it seeks to evoke the idea of contemplating mysterious and enigmatic places. His works often feature beautiful women, especially in portrait form, surrounded by a dystopian aesthetic, creating a fascinating juxtaposition of life and death, beauty and destruction, and hope paralleled with despair.





Through a video call, Luis Royo comments on his work, his inspiration and influences, highlighting his admiration for Giger's work. He also talks about his current projects with Greg Beyer and Anna Sexton, senior writer and editor at The Collector. Luis reviews his career from his first exhibitions in 1972, his great international impact during the 80s through publications such as Heavy Metal, Cimoc, Cómic Art, Ere Comprime, and Total Metal, highlighting the large number of covers he made during this time, becoming one of the most prolific artists of our time. As well as the multitude of media and formats in which his work appears.

It also reviews the large number of exhibitions in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Russia and the USA as well as the awards it has been awarded over time. And one of his great projects stands out, carried out with his son Rómulo Royo, the painting of a large dome in a palatial house in Moscow.

It is very interesting to hear him talk about his unique style, in which he fuses themes of fantasy, science fiction and eroticism represented with detailed technique, dreamlike sensations and the evocation of the beauty and power that we all know.

In this interview there are also images of the Luis and Rómulo exhibition showed at Laberinto Gris this year, in our space in Zaragoza; called “Komorebi Eterno” and in which both Luis and Rómulo showed their works with an oriental theme, and which has been very well received by the local public and foreign visitors.



You can see the two interviews in the online magazine The Collector and on their YouTube channel.

We want to thank Anna Sexton, Greg Beyer and the entire editorial team at The Collector for the great work they have done to make these interviews possible and for their work in disseminating art.

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