Tribute to the well-known covers of Ace Fantasy (USA), the best seller The Ice Dragon and the important Malefic Time trilogy.


We present on this occasion different projects in the career of Luis Royo. We started by Silverglass - Witch of Rhostshyl important piece made in 1989 and published as a novel cover the oldest American publisher of fantasy, Ace Books, and written by J.F Rivkin. of his famous Silverglas trilogy. In this image you can already observe the change of treatment in your technique towards the deep horizons wrapping the characters, Cities, rocks, sky etc. appear on the scene providing dramatic data to achieve better scene setting. His formidable handling of the airbrush next to the oil distances him from more trimmed solutions between background and figure that characterized him in the first illustrations.

This well-known work appeared also in the collection of Cards "From Fantasy to Reality" in addition to the first author book of Luis Royo "Women" that catapulted him to fame with success and worldwide acceptance. It was such that this made him started the way for the best publishers Fantasy worldwide as Tor Books, Berkey Books or DAW Book, wanted to have him on their covers, in sagas as Raven Richard Kirk, Rhapsody of Elizabeth Haydon, Conan by Robert E. Howard's, The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglas and many more.


Another work is about the classic character that resonates in our memory for his exploits and adventures of the famous writer Robert E. Howard's, Conan in his novel "Conan and the spidergod" was on the cover of this novel also published by the publishing house American Ace and later published in his book Women. The year of completion of this original was 1988.


Other American covers, for the novel like The Legend of Deathwalker and Winner Takes All written by Simon R. Green. And the artwork for the video game Tribes Dynamix, this last work for being characteristic and special was included in his book Dreams.


We follow this tour through three originals of the book The Ice Dragon by well-known writer George R.R Martin, author of Game of Thrones. Luis Royo made the cover and all the illustrations of its interior. Distributed to more than 40 countries it has been best sellers in the children's book lists published by the New York Times. Reference was made to the fact that the book would become an object of collection (This new edition of The Ice Dragon is sure to become a collector's item for fans of HBO's Megahit Game of Thrones.)


And finally, we show five works of the latest multimedia project Malefic Time by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo. An extensive and more mature work that appears in the three basic books. Apocalypse, 110 Katanas and Akelarre. They are The Crypt, Shadows, The Purge of Teotihuacán and Paris 2038. These last ones, of a meticulous detail, in which we have a Paris apocalíptico-medieval like protagonist. One of them shows us the cathedral of Notre Dame, which concludes the second book and in the other painting that is double, we see the whole view of Paris that begins the third book Akelarre. Two fantastic originals in which its atmosphere surrounds us and we can almost feel.


We hope you enjoy this tour that we have prepared for the different books and genres, looking for a range of aesthetics, techniques and styles over the years.

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