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A long time ago, when the Moon had not yet learned to fly and used to wander through the forests playing with its rays of light as if they were lamps and where darkness reigned all over the world, young girls dreamed of becoming guardians of the Great Mountain.

From the top of that great Mountain of the World, the eternal Mother blew away the thick fog so as to contemplate from on high, the beauty of her daughters, enveloped in the suggestive tempting blackness. It was a phantasmal, attractive and mysterious world, caressed by feminine silkiness.

The young girls studied and trained in preparation for the day when they would adorn their skin with the jewels and ritual symbols that would turn them into the Great Mother’s warriors. They waited impatiently for hours on end in the “old goldsmith woman’s” hut, were ecstatic as they received the treasures that would make them unique and felt the contact of the stone and metal on their skin like a feverish, sought-after embrace. Then, they would be given the cold sword that they would carry henceforth, with its silvery elastic blade, which would be a seductive mirror and their defiling limb. The terrible cold avenging prolongation of their arms. A beautiful, hair-raising sword with a hilt capable of being a sister to their precious stones and their faithful lover.

Jewelry - dark angel

When the Moon grew larger, she stopped enjoying fluttering between the trees in the wood and learned to fly high. Up there, in the sky, she felt grandiose, looked down over her shoulder at the woods and, swollen with vanity, she went further and further away from the Great Mountain and even wandered beyond the horizon for some time. One day the Sun took advantage of this absence to walk casually across the sky, flooding every corner on its way with font-family: Trajan; light. The sunlight made the black, mysterious night disappear, and the men, who till then, with their movements and intuition, had lived in the enigmatic darkness crouched among the bushes, were able to move daringly to the foot of the Great Mountain. Soon their ambitions grew and emboldened them to start to dream of conquering the summit.

The young girls decked out in their symbols and shining adornments on their skin, fended off the men with their slashing swords. Their blades became stained with blood and heads rolled down the slopes. But the Sun came out every morning emboldened by the Moon’s lack of concern. The latter coquettishly went off into the distance to see her face reflected in the immense sea, forgetting the world of darkness, the delicate, subtle feminine kingdom of the girls marked by the night.

Jewelry - flame

Every day the Sun brought the flat, repetitive view of reason, chasing away the mysterious shadows and tainting the earth with a monotonous linear reality. The men took these weapons and thrived. Gradually the young girls, their skin shining with gleaming gems and metals, began to fall or disappear, overwhelmed, inundated by the Sun’s crushing light and the men’s attacks. They went off to hide, seeking refuge in their thoughts, incapable of making their labyrinthine world shine.

The Mother Goddess cursed the Sun’s boldness and the moon’s indifference; she cried over her daughters’ defeat and the rains covered the Planet. She opened the mountain and, overcome by fury, she went into the heart of the Earth. Since that day, every now and then, a volcano opens its mouth and spews out her immortal anger.

But the dark girls continue to move in the shadows, they have remained among us hidden in our thoughts and, on nights of confusion, they still turn unreality into something vibrant with their ritual adornments on their silky skin.

Jewelry - mosaic


Jewelry - ring

Luis Royo and Romulo Royo’s artwork constantly features female images adorned with countless jewels making them very special, highly individual goddesses and heroines. Their worlds become enigmatic thanks to these adornments and their symbols connect us with the mystery.

For some time now, we have been working with the jewelry designer Leyre McGragh and her team of craftsmen to reproduce these adornments in various collections of craft jewelry which transform the images into real jewels, pieces that capture the essence of the pictures and convey us to the artists’ dreamlike worlds.

Jewelry - books

The work has been hard but pleasing and the production processes involve hammers and fire, forge and red-hot molten reticulated silver, skills that take us back to former times and create designs that bring us closer to our dreams. The essence of the goddesses, nymphs and female warriors permeates these jewels, designed with passion, to make the wearer feel enveloped in our artists’ symbology and personal universe.

Jewelry - stand

All the jewels have been made with the care required for pieces in a limited and numbered production.

Jewelry - model sword


The magic of fire and hammer are at the heart of this bracelet, and although the jeweler guides and uses them as tools, they are the ones that decide the final shape of the piece, making each one unique. This designer jewelry is based on the Laberinto Gris introductory story and constitutes the gallery’s essence. It unites the Moon and Darkness, the Feminine and the Number Thirteen the Warrior Goddesses and their sharp Swords, all elements that narrate a story;

“The silvery moon plays with her rays in the mysterious night, protected by thirteen female warriors. The raging sun attempts to penetrate the darkness, but they bravely raise their swords to protect it”

Jewelry - ring
Jewelry - model sword 2

This piece is made of sterling silver, which is the common thread throughout this story, since ancient civilizations already associated this metal with the nocturnal planet. The thirteen phases of the moon connect with the thirteen menstrual cycles and hence with the feminine. Thirteen female warriors are represented by hematite stones. The oxidation of the silver evokes the mysterious night and, in the darkness, the blades of the swords shine in silver reliefs. The warriors brandish their weapons to protect the darkness from the rays of the sun, which furiously attempts to penetrate the night.


Jewelry - Flowers logo Jewelry - brazalet Jewelry - flowers and thorns

Based on the picture “Flowers and Thorns”, the pieces of jewelry made by Leyre McGragh for this collection convey all the symbolic essence of the painter’s artwork and are designed to convey the metaphoric structure of its Goddesses.

Jewelry - silver Jewelry - flowers

It is a vibrant, ethnic, tribal collection; with pieces that are not merely adornments for the goddesses who wear them, but rather attributes that symbolize their rituals, customs and traditions.
They are made with precious stones, such as turquoise, coral and volcanic stones; uncut stones with bright colors that stand out like tattoos on the skin, reminding us of the clay that they used to paint their bodies. The number thirteen, so closely linked with the Moon and the Feminine and Silver, the Night Planet’s tears, are an indispensable symbolic part of this collection, inspired by the essence and the soul of Romulo Royo’s female warriors.

Jewelry - ft model 1 Jewelry - ft model 2 Jewelry - ft model 3


Jewelry - Luz logo Jewelry - Luz skull Jewelry - Luz 1

This collection is based on the character Luz and is inspired by Luis Royo’s drawing, in which a girl sheds a tear of blood, holding a sword named Malefic, guarded by nine snakes on its hilt and a skeleton and pentagram on its cross. Her hair is a dazzling white like the moon and she is the thirteenth daughter of the Moon and Mars; her name is Luz, meaning Light, and her mission is to save mankind.

Jewelry - Luz snake Jewelry - Luz swords

The pieces of jewelry made by Leyre McGragh for this project capture all the symbolic essence of Luis Royo’s artwork and are designed to convey all of the characters’ metaphoric structure.
Each piece is inspired by, and built around, these symbols. Hence, for the Luz collection, the snake has been used as the main motif in its design, in reference to the nine snakes on the hilt of the Malefic sword, and it is set off by rubies to recall her tears of blood and moonstones referring to the nocturnal planet and her white hair.
In terms of numerology, the numbers nine and thirteen, which are so closely connected with the Moon and the feminine, are represented by the use of groups of nine and thirteen precious stones in representation of the snakes on the hilt of the sword that Luz holds and her place among the Moon and Mars’ daughters.

Jewelry - Luz swords Jewelry - Luz swords Jewelry Laberinto Gris Jewelry - jewelry composition Jewels: Leyre McGragh
Photography: Mas Mastral
Models: Tania Castillón and Sibila Benavent
Makeup: Lucía Sanz
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