The exhibition "Fantasy" by Luis and Romulo Royo can currently be visited at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. The exhibition consists of 21 limited editions (printed in ten inks on heavyweight paper, signed and numbered by the authors) based on large format works by our two artists.



Erotic Heritage Museum


In order to introduce the exhibition there is no better vision than that of the curator of this museum, Xochitl Roman, who presented the art show with these words: "The Erotic Heritage Museum is honored to present Fantasy, the collaboration of two distinguished Spanish artists. Visions often flirt with desires, the most sacred and erotic inclinations. Luis and Romulo's work explores the subconscious and frees these impulses. The preferences of mortals are entangled with their graphics and watercolors, as they capture the gaze of metalheads, comic fans, literature addicts, and art lovers. Fantasy offers what the heart craves with vivid and violent colors; the realization of utopian aspirations at the reach of your senses".

This selection of works seeks to express the artists' maxims, desires, eroticism, dualities, fantasy, etc., and, although complementary and close, we can see the different views and styles of Luis and Romulo on these themes.

In this way, Romulo Royo represents an evocative eroticism of oniric and sensual sensations, where his work is full of delicate details, textures and atmospheres that imbue his mysterious works with a veil.

Highlighting some of his works present in this exhibition we have "New Taarna", whose original large format work was commissioned by Heavy Metal magazine to the two artists, Luis and Romulo, with the aim of modernizing this mythical character. Their original work is an example of their oil brushstrokes and textures to create such a personal and evocative atmosphere.


New Taarna, Romulo Royo
New Taarna, Romulo Royo.


Very important is, and more so in the works of his last years, the oriental style, always linked to sensuality and delicacy, of works such as "Flowers and Thorns" and "Beyond" whose originals were present in the recent exhibition of Lucca, Art Generations, in Italy.

"Flowers and Thorns" is a perfect work to contemplate Romulo Royo's personal style. It is the pinnacle of his homonymous series, in which he explores the roots of the human being and his desire. Key elements that stand out in this series and that become part of the artist's personal sign could be the medallions and coins, as well as the feathers that dress the hair of the women who are the protagonists of his paintings. The tattoo, a sample of that millenary art so appreciated in Asian cultures, drawn on the skin of our protagonist, which seems soft and translucent, shows us the dualities with which the artist works. Delicacy and hardness are contrasted in the barbs and feathers. Mystery and tension are patent in a work that raises an incognito between sweetness and perversion.

In his case "Beyond" is characterized by its personal chromatism and its softened textures that take us away from the world we know to immerse us in a universe outside the rules, where provocation is transformed into sensitivity.


Flowers and thorns, Romulo Royo
Flowers and Thorns, Romulo Royo.

Beyond III, Romulo Royo
Beyond III, Romulo Royo.


In the other hand, Luis Royo represents eroticism and fantasy in a perhaps more evident and forceful way, but at the same time his works are full of sensations, of mysteries, of sensual and powerful women and of fantastic worlds. The duality between beauty and horror is always one of his main characteristics in many of his works.

In the limited edition "III Millennium On The Southern Beaches II", he depicts a clearly erotic scene between a robot and a woman on an apocalyptic beach. The original work made with his characteristic technique of watercolor, acrylic with airbrush and oil and the way he treats his subjects, represent the unique style that, despite the passage of time and its evolution, has always characterized Luis Royo.

Another highlight is "New Prohibited", which is also the cover of the book of the same name and whose author is also Luis Royo. We can find the mark of the artist quoting his words written in this book; "I hope that when this book comes to an end, the hand is impregnated with the sacred liquids of our entrails and that the pages have emerged unscathed from the feat (it would be uncomfortable and sticky for a second glance)".


III Millenium On The Southern Beaches II, Luis Royo
III Millenium On The Southern Beaches II, Luis Royo.

New Prokibited, Luis Royo
New Prohibited, Luis Royo.


"Illicit Window With Red", published in the book by the same author III Millennium, is another good example of his personal style when it comes to representing eroticism in an intimate scene between a fantastic being and a powerful woman devoted to passion. With its textures, lights and shadows, we are immersed in his inner world.

Another of his most emblematic works is "Dreams White-Black", cover of the book of the same name and whose author is also Luis. In this work he represents a beautiful and sensual woman who represents fantasy and dreams.


Illicit Window With Red, Luis Royo
Illicit Window With Red, Luis Royo. 

Dream White-Black
Dreams White-Black, Luis Royo.


As we can see, a very complete exhibition about both artists that helps us to discover their concerns, their vision and their dream worlds. All limited editions present in this exhibition housed in the Erotic Heritage Museum can be enjoyed until the end of the year. They have a large catalog of limited editions, both those exhibited in the museum and many others.

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