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Author Luis Royo

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66.5 x 47  cm
26.18 x 18.50  inch


Acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 54.5 x 35 cm. ( 21.45 x 13.77 in. ) in a format of 66.5 x 47 cm. ( 26.18 x 18.50 in. )

Year of realization 2000

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

Cover of the novel Destiny: Child of the Sky by the writer Elizabeth Haydon, edited by Tor Books (USA)

Published on the inside of the author's book Evolution, pages 42 - 43. Edited in different languages and distributed internationally.


To stand against the F'dor, an ancient, vile being intent on destroying the world, a fellowship has been forged: Rhapsody, a Singer of great talent and beauty; Achmed, an assassin with unearthly talents; and Grunthor, a giant of jolly disposition and lethal skill with weapons. Driven by prophetic visions, the three know that time is running short, know that they must find their elusive enemy before his darkness consumes them all. But after their final, brutal confrontation with the F'dor, their world crosses the threshold of disaster and faces utter oblivion. The action reaches a fevered pitch, achieving a crescendo of tragedy, love, and triumph of human spirit over world-shattering cataclysm. With death at hand and the world crumbling at their feet, these three will finally discover their true ... destiny.

- Destiny: Child of the Sky


A number of high reefs had been dug around the circumference of the Bowl, following the glacier lines to be able to accommodate thousands of people. Huge portions had been cut off in some areas of the Bowl to allow access to the arena exit. Although overgrown with grass and forgotten by all except by time, it was the perfect place to convene a meeting.

- Evolution 


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