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Author Luis Royo

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43 x 60.5  cm
16.93 x 23.82  inch


Acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 27 x 44.5 cm ( 10.62 x 17.51 in. ) in a format of 43 x 60.5 cm ( 16.92 x 23.64 in. )

Year of realization 1999.

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

Work custom made for the novel's front To the King a Daughter by writer Andre Norton and Sasha Miller. Edited in USA by Tor Book Editorial.

Published inside the author's book Evolution, page 45. Edited in different languages and distributed internationaly.


Painting has always seemed torn between an inward and an outward gaze: between vision and perception, between our dreams and the concrete, highly politicized conditions framing our comprehension of the world and what it might become. Today is no dierent. After a period in which the medium has been dominated by process-based abstraction, the gure – and representation with it – is ascendant again. But, if the 1990s and 2000s saw artists such as John Currin distorting classical form while others, following Gerhard Richter, mimicked photography, today’s figuration displays a distinctly different character. Gone, for the most part, are the echoes of old masters; gone, too, are the blurs of photorealism. What takes their place, instead, is a highly idiosyncratic approach ltered through pronounced aect, comic-book and sci- aesthetics, dreamy narratives and an eagerness to engage with our political moment without forfeiting the sensuousness of the medium.

- David Geers (Sotheby's)


The statue is big. It looks like a toad, but without the width neck. It is made with grey and brownish stone, and it rests under its powerful hindquarters, supported by a bed of green reeds. Its front rests more or less under its big bulbous gut, as the hands of a pregnant woman would do on her belly. On the top of the head, protrude a pair of 2 big bright yellow eyes with red pupils, that seems to be made of some polished gem, but not carved. Under its front legs, it has got the belly marked with some kind of writting carved on the stone. the marks are on its majority dots and lines.

- Evolution


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