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Author Romulo Royo

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50 x 70  cm
19.69 x 27.56  inch


Graphite, ink and oil on paper.

Format of 50 x 70 cm (19.69 x 27.56 in)

Year of realization 2004

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


If passion is precursor to intelligence, then we must admit it is never easy to justify what is happening to us during an unsettlingly aesthetic experience. We know certain things bewitch us, while other simply do not manage to invoke in our souls anything less than astonishment. I can be quite sure that nothing obliges me to have an "encyclopedic" perpective on contemporary art or culture; rather it is the bare fact that by having let myself be guided by my own tastes, when considering what arouses my deepest interest, I cannot help contrasting my tastes with those of other, in particular those of the well-informed.

- Miguel Angel Cordoba. President of Fundacion Alcort.


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