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Author Romulo Royo

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46 x 55  cm
18.11 x 21.65  inch


Ink and oil on canvas.

Painted surface 46 x 55 cm (18.11 x 21.65 in ) in a format of 46 x 55 cm (18.11 x 21.65 in)

Year of realization 2010



The face and the otherness

"A face is an invaluable part of any portrait, an epiphany which can never be embraced. Variations and small differences evoke a certain repetitive disentrenchment where one discovers the power of simulation, which is, together with the efficiency of displacement, where one's appearance fades into the disguise. It may in fact be that a face is nothing more than a backdrop for a scene that does not develop, except the intermission. It is as if there is a permanentmetamorphosis, yet dismantling the face is by no means simple, as Deluze remind us, one can easily slip into mandess.

- Videncia, Velamiento y Ceguera

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