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Author Luis Royo

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50 x 70  cm
19.69 x 27.56  inch


Watercolor, acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper "Schoellers Dure Matte" 350 g/m.

Painted surface 34 x 54 cm (13.38 x 21.25 in) in a format of 50 x 70 cm (19.68 x 27.55 in)

Year of realization 1995

Signed in the bottom-right near the monster's ankle

Information about the condition of the piece:

Original in perfect condition.

We present this magnificent original painting by Luis Royo of one of his most famous works. This painting appeared for the first time in his author's book Secrets in the November 1995 edition, published on page 25. And in his book Fantastic Art compilation, page 60-61. Both edited in several languages ​​and distributed internationally. It is one of the most published works of Royo, also appeared in calendars, trading card, posters, and all kinds of impressions.

In an enveloping atmosphere of yellow and ocher bucolic, her delicate figure offers us sweetness and conviction at the same time, and her tranquility dominates triumphant the monstrous. It is one of the emblematic pieces of Luis Royo, one of his most famous and desirable paintings, and an ideal representation of his work both in terms of theme and style, as it shows the polished and finely detailed realism that Royo is so appreciated We have here a modern masterpiece with which is the artist who can claim the definition of the fantasy-erotic-apocalyptic genre.

Luis Royo has made the myth of “beauty and the beast” his principal theme, effortlessly moving from horror to the lyrical. Whatever the theme, his characters waltz effortlessly between epic and erotic. The subject´s flesh is overlaid with a defiant and threatening tone, marking them more exciting. As Royo knows all too well, when the dark ghost of death looms over the hero, the suggestion of sex becomes more intense.

When studying his characters, one notices that he places the subject on the border of tragedy, where they can shine more brilliantly. Their frozen position anticipates a destiny as attractive as it is cruel. Clutching their weapon, they await the next attack. Their intensity and the tautness of their muscles make them even more beautiful and dramatic. In the blink of an eye they can disappear, having been devoured by the danger that encircles them. But the immediate future doesn´t interest Royo. He portrays that penultimate moment, when the inner soul of the hero is revealed.

– Antonio Altarriba (Screenwriter and image theorist)

Luis Royo is perhaps the most highly regarded pinup/fantasy artist of the past twenty years. He is world renowned as the master of this genre, and he is the single most published cover artist in the history of Heavy Metal magazine. Royo, more than any other artist, is credited with defining the look of Heavy Metal magazine, and influencing the world of modern fantasy and pinup art. Royo's artwork has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and books, and his work has been collected in a best-selling series of books devoted to his work. He is a rarity in the world of illustration art in that his popularity is literally worldwide. It is especially noteworthy that his original paintings are virtually nonexistent in the marketplace. Royo's most desirable work, his famous signature pieces, are those of strong women, presented in this unique style, where the worlds of science fiction, fantasy and pinup collide. The fact that the emphasis of Royo's marketing lies in the publishing (calendars, books, prints, etc.) and licensing of his work, rather than the selling of his originals (and the fact that he does not accept commissions from collectors), plays a great role in the virtual absence of his material in the marketplace. This is a major museum-quality work by Luis Royo, the legendary master of fantasy art.

- Robert Edward Auctions


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