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Author Romulo Royo

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123 x 130  cm
48.43 x 51.18  inch


Ink, acrylic with airbrush and oil on aluminum.

Format of 123 x 130 cm (48.43 x 51.18 in)

Year of realization 2009.

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


Published inside the author's book "Videncia, velamiento, ceguera" Book. Page 45.

-The face and the otherness.

A face is an invaluable part of any portrait, an epiphany wich can never be embraced. Variations and small differences evoke a certain repetitive disentrenchment where one discovers the power of simulation, wich is, together with the efficiency of displacement, where one's appearance fades into in the disguise. It may in fact be that a face is nothing more than a backdrop for a scene that does not develop, except in the intermission. It is as if there is a permanent metamorphosis, yet dismantling the face is by no means simple, as Deleuze reminds us, one can easily slip into madness. It is not by chance that the schizophrenic simultaneously loses the sense of his face, both his own and those of other, or the sense of his surroundings, his language and its predominant meanings.

"Dismantling one's face -ashe affirms in A thousand Plateaus- is the same as climbing over the wall of meaning, and climbing out of the black hole of subjectivity". We also know that fantasy governs reality and a mask can never be lifted without taking a bit of flesh along with it. the Other can have the features of an abyss, in the same way that symbolic order is found to be hidden by the fascinating presence of the object of fantasy " We experience it every time we look into the eyes of another person and feel the depth of their gaze". It is prudent to remember that when the subject gets too close to fantasy, (self)nullification occurs. The art is left as aphanisis. Medusa's gaze joins together dreams and death definitively. There is no question that the altered face is crucial to the work of Romulo Royo, who paints over translucent sheets of papers blished essay, Glòria Bosch recalls Romulo Royo's trip to Morocco where he becomes literally fascinated by the faces wich hide behind a gesture: "these components of strangeness and marginality provoke him and he provokes them in his work. Royo absorbs the human being with all their contradictions and from their culture he delves into the contamination, this process of hybridization that occurs both in his content and his working methods" This artist contemplates the many races and multiplicities of man not as rarities, but as a possibility of reching something wich unites us : a cosmic egg, planet Earth, primordial androgyny, a solid body.

- Videncia, velamiento, ceguera. Romulo Royo.


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