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Author Romulo Royo

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38 x 57  cm
14.96 x 22.44  inch


Transfered ink, acrylic and oil on paper.

In a format of 38 x 57 cm. (14.96 x 22.44 in.)

Year of realization 2009

Signed on the bottom left of the piece.

Published on the portfolio's authors Luis Royo and Romulo Royo Demons.

A picture on paper painted originally for the Demons portfolio. Then we saw that they were also characters in the Malefic Time universe, which Luis Royo and Romulo Royo were developing at the same time.

"The names and demons who were portrayed on the portfolio edited for the collectors: AMOYMÓN Head of the fallen, NEBIROS Lord of the Dead, ANY Darkness, ABDUXUEL Mr. Moon, HERODÍAS Lady covens, ASTARTE Queen of death, LILITH The first, ALOQUA Vampiric succubus.

They tempted us with the world. And we left the horizon behind. We were shown beauty. And we added desire. They pointed out the unknown. And we begin to think. We discovered the flesh. And joyfully multiplied. I glanced at the moon surrounded by darkness. And peered into its dens. I looked inside myself. And found hundreds of them. I felt human".

- Demons


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