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Author Luis Royo

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48 x 68  cm
18.90 x 26.77  inch


Watercolor, ink with airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 33 x 53 cm. ( 12.99 x 20.86 in. ) in a format of 48 x 68 cm. ( 18.89 x 26.77 in. )

Year of realization 1995

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

Published on the inside of the author's book Secrets, page 11. Edited in different languages and distributed internationally.

Published among the cards collection, Luis Royo Secret Desires.


"Here is where the Royo genius kicks in. On the surface, we see the subjects before us, but there is always the sense that many untold secrets are yet to be learned. We see this in the eyes-intense, foreboding, lethal. Sucked in by the beauty of the characters, we come closer, but, once we have entered their web, instinct warns us to be careful.
Royo gives us clues to the world into wich we are drawn. The costumes and backgrounds link us with times and places. What he does not answer for us is our question as to the journey the character has made, or is about to make. This is the task Royo has artistically set for each of us. And, certainly, each of us will have a different perception. Thus, we each create our own fantasy, build our own plot, develop our own story. In effect, Royo has subtly drawn us, the viewers, into a partnership of creativity with him.
As we look through SECRETS and are amazed by the quality and beauty of his work, we notice how Royo, an artistic giant, leaves the secrets out there for us to discover."

- Hank Rose. Comic Images


I wanted to play with you to open my box of Secrets. The way words like imagination, creativity, inspiration and others ostentatious sonorities have nothing to do with it. Secrets yours and mine. Like alchemists in front of the breviary of Hermes Trismegistus, the Emerald Tablet says: what is below is like what is above, what is above is like what is below, so that the miracle of unity is fulfilled.

- Secrets

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