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Luis Royo


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Author Luis Royo

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  • DM-98-99
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70 x 50  cm
27.56 x 19.69  inch


Oil on paper.

Painted surface 48 x 33 cm (18.89 x 12.99 in) in a format of 70 x 50 cm (27.55 x 19.68 in)

Year of realization 2008

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

This piece belongs to one of the images (64 cards) that make up the I Ching Dead Moon. Edited by Heraclio Fournier.

Published on the inside of the author's book Dead Moon, page 98.99. Edited in different languages and distributed internationally.

"On the beach, at the foot of the castle Chan, they prepared the younger brother of Marte for the big trip. A royal member had died and all his descendants. The fort was in mourning.

Marte took the body of his brother and placed it next to his family in the boat, looked at the deep sea and hoisted sail. He went alone. Only the bodies of his own blood accompanied him offshore, while his men were waiting for him on the shore. When the waters became dark, he set fire to fabrics placed on Huanyan Jing scrolls that talked about teachings of the void and meeting all phenomena."

Dead Moon

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