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Author Luis Royo

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48.5 x 66  cm
19.09 x 25.98  inch


Acrylic using airbrush and oil on paper

Painted surface 29 x 44 cm (11.41 x 17.32 in) a format 48.5 x 66 cm (19.09 x 25.98 in)

Year of realization 2005

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

Published on the inside of the author's book Subversive Beauty, page 37. Edited in different languages and distributed internationally. 


"Without leaving those thick walls, in dark rooms, lit only by the light of the oil lamp, the princess was brought up, educated by the three old women. But they were actually the three forest witches: the first one talked with birds and taught her the desire to fly and be free; the second one turned the fallen branches in the wood into hard metal, and she made with them a beautiful sword and a silver armour; the third one taught her magic spells and etched them on her skin so she would never forget them".

- Subversive Beauty

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