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Author Luis Royo

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45 x 58.5  cm
17.72 x 23.03  inch


Acrylic using airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 30 x 42 cm (11.81 x 16.53 in) on a format of 45 x 58.5 cm (17.71 x 23.03 in)

Year of realization 1997

Signed at the botton right side of the piece.

Painting done for a serie of illustrations "Planet of the Apes". Published inside the author's book III Millennium, page 51. Edited in several languages and distribuited internationally.

The success of Luis Royo is due largely to the originality of his work, which has broken through traditional barriers and revolutionized the world of illustration. He has a keen interest in fantasy themes, though he experiments with other themes like the western, historic epics, and romance. Setting aside his themes, his innovative style breathes power while radiating a fragile, almost mystic transparency. Royo´s treatment of the human figure, especially his women, endows the body with a soulful brilliance. His use of color, from the most saturated gamma to the most despoiled gray is contrasted with an intense touch of chrome, creating an aura of fascination that invites us to enter his world.

Despite the consistent use of certain elements, Royo´s style reflects a clear evolution. When reviewing his work chronologically, one can see a refinement in his style and the reinforcement of his theme, as each composition becomes even more poetic and graceful. The apparent simplicity of his drawings is deceptive, allowing for a complex plot and a range of artistic options. His permanence on the front lines in the world of illustration and his increasing success is the result of his constant, subtle, and effective experimentation.

Antonio Altarriba


"There are worlds that sink into the depths of fear, they rush down the spiral of anguish until they crash against vertigo, when they hit bottom, they are swallowed by the jaws of hell and there is only a black spot left in the middle of the infinite." .

Fantastic Art

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