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Luis Royo


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Author Luis Royo

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65 x 50  cm
25.59 x 19.69  inch


Acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper.

Format of 65 x 50 cm. ( 25,59 x 19,68 in)

Year of realization 2004

Work published inside the author's book Subversive Beauty, page 68.69. Edited in diferent languages.

From Luis Royo’s work in the book Subversive Beauty, in which he shows a feminine world through his own versions of different evocative mythologies. In this project he portrays such beautiful, provocative women, adorned with a profusion of tattoos and piercing, that they transport us to unattainable worlds. We were later to see these same tattoos materialize on people’s skin all over the world as they were incorporated into the world of tattoos.


"One day the robot fell again, destroyed after a confrontation, and when she arrived, its circuits had been consumed completely. She tried to reanimate it with her own blood, but this one did not work for the machine and in the attempt she bled".

- Luis Royo

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