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Author Luis Royo

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  • DME-68-2
  • SOLD
21.4 x 26.7  cm
8.43 x 10.51  inch


Graphite and oil on tracing paper.

Painted surface 16 x 22 cm (6.3 x 8.66 in ) in a format of 21.4 x 26.7 cm (8.43 x 10.51 in)

Year of realization 2010

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


Published on the inside of the author's book Dead Moon Epilogue, page 68. Edited in different languages and distributed internationally.

"Luna, unaware that she was a special being, lived her early years overprotected by her parents, princes Zhu and Yarai, by Mormo and by the sorceress Can, who had already been lady to her grandmother, Zhu's progenitor, and to her mother Yarai.
Although she could only enjoy reproductions of pets carved in wood, because of their hurtful and icy touch, she was a sweet-eyed child until the day the fortress You was razed and Mars deposited her on the altar of the goddess Xiwang Mu. From there she was taken down by a deformed dwarf, filling with pustules at the touch of her skin. From then on the dwarf Qi became inseparable from the girl princess."

- Dead Moon Epilogue

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