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Luis Royo


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Author Luis Royo

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45 x 62  cm
17.72 x 24.41  inch


Graphite, acrylic with airbrush and oil on tracing paper.

Painted surface 35 x 50 cm. (13.78 x 19.69 in.) in a format of 45 x 62 cm. (17.72 x 24.41 in.)

Year of realization 2008.

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

Unpublished work made for the Dead Moon series.

"Years passed by, the princess entered the adolescence with the same cold skin she was born with, and the image of Mars engraved on the retina. The witch Can decided it was the moment of contradicting the dark omens written on the sky and starting to reestablish the name You. Can gave up on the other noble families accepting her union with such a special being as it was Moon. And she arranged meetings with other young boys of the territory, strong and healthy ones. Later, as the news of everybody dying in contact with Luna ran, the witch appealed the bawds to locate young boys of far away places, to end up having the same end. Thirteen died at the foot of Luna's bed".

Dead Moon Epilogue

Height : 24.40
Width : 17.71

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