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Luis Royo


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Author Luis Royo

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35 x 52.5  cm
13.78 x 20.67  inch


Graphite and acrylic with airbrush on tracing paper.

Painted surface 25.5 x 42 cm (10.04 x 16.54 in ) in a format of 35 x 52.5 cm (13.78 x 20.67 in)

Year of realization 2000

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


Published inside the author's book Evolution, page 63. Edited in several languages and distribuited internationally.

I had been stuck in the glass for so long, I think there was nothing else, that glass told me everything that in a certain way seemed important to me, but that day the only thing that was transmitted to me was the irremediable anguish of that young neighbor who lived In the ramshackle factory across the street, in fact, I only lived by that glass to see her.
Those long hours in front of the glass kept me alive from this incomprehensible present. I was a practical person, totally agnostic, of the few who still used the computer, I could not believe that all that nonsense was The End of the World, it could not be ... Had the time really come?
The truth is that there should not be more than two or three neighbors in the house where I live. For a few months, electricity only arrives a couple of hours a day, and shops are disappearing by leaps and bounds, in my street there is not one left. They see very strange beings, some wrinkled from an impossible height, ge seen one of them detach from the ground and rise, even had a spice of wings. Surely it is due to some kind of invention or drug. I can not be fooled by all those superstitions and alarming news, although it seems that the theory of earthly existence has become a place of gloomy confinement and the echo of Paracelsus echoes over New York "the place where the devil was thrown , in other words, the same hell "
-Book Evolution. (Malefic Time )

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