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Referencia: DL-17

Author Luis Royo

28.0 x 38.0 cm / 11.02 x 14.96 inch



Graphite and watercolor on handmade paper.

Size 28 x 38 cm. ( 11.02 x 14.96 in. )

Year of realization 2015.

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.

It belongs to the so recognizable and personal fantasy genre of Luis Royo, where the heroine, sufficient and defiant, reigns in the environment and becomes the emblem of feminine strength. And to which is added the overflowing and provocative eroticism of a large part of his work.


All works selected for the special "Dreaming in the Labyrinth" have in common that they belong to the most personal works of the authors. They are that type of work that is created without the specific objective of reaching an exhibition or a book. Those pieces that the artist makes to reaffirm an idea, the beginning of a project or find a plastic solution. These are works in which his original motivation is the intimate and private dialogue with the author himself. And before the intention of that work belongs to a plan, we have considered in Laberinto Gris that showing a grouped part of these works would be an attractive challenge for us. A privilege to be the first to show them to the light.


Fantastic art, also known as imaginative realism, distinguishes itself from other art forms by portraying ancient myths and legends, modern day fantasies in the form of misterious interventions, the imagination, the dream state, the grotesque, visions, and the “uncanny” as common everyday elements. While the widespread prevalence of imaginative realism is relatively recent in popular culture, this genre is a staple in art history, beginning with the rise of romanticism in the second half of the eighteenth century as artists began to present imaginative imagery for narrative and emotional impact, rather than allegorical or historical meaning. At the Edge is the first exhibition to place this genre in its correct art-historical context as an evolution of the great realist painters of the past.

The Allentown Art Museum

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