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Luis Royo


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Author Luis Royo

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  • EV-50-2
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25 x 36  cm
9.84 x 14.17  inch


Graphite on tracing paper.

Painted surface 17.7 x 24.4 cm (6.97 x 9.61 in ) in a format of 25 x 36 cm (9.84 x 14.17 in)

Year of realization 1999

Signed on the bottom right of the piece.


One of the variants made for the cover of the novel "The Hallowed Isle" by the renowned writer Diana L. Paxson.
Work published inside the author's book Evolution, page 50.

"The powerful Rome subjugated the island of Great Britain only to leave it, leaving behind a bloody mosaic of tribes at war.The fragile peace imposed by the conquerors has been shattered, forcing Artoria Argantel, the Lady of the Lake and the Druid priestess, to invoke the Spirit of War and Justice to deliver a champion who will unite the broken land "
Diana L. Paxson

It is a volume that collects four books. The novel revolves around the figure of King Arthur and the sacred places of England. It is set around the year 425, when England is plunged into chaos, the Romans have left the area and the Irish are making numerous incursions on the island."

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