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Luis Royo & Romulo Royo


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Author Romulo Royo

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  • MTA-104
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61 x 79.8  cm
24.02 x 31.42  inch


Ink, acrylic and oil on canvas.

Painted surface 51 x 67 cm (20.07 x 26.37 in) in a format of 61 x 79.8 cm (24.01 x 31.41 in)

Painting done for the book Malefic Time Apocalypse. Published on page 104.

Year of realization 2011


"Presences. They were evident. I could feel them but not see. Small presences, like tiny eyes in the night. My screens sometimes captured only shadows. Movements in the vicinity of our building. Since I knew that we had been located I could not sleep peacefully"

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