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Luis Royo 80s


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Author Luis Royo

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42 x 56  cm
16.54 x 22.05  inch


Watercolor, acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 26 x 41 cm (10.24 x 16.14 in ) in a format of 42 x 56 cm (16.54 x 22.05 in)

Year of realization 1990.

Signed on the bottom left of the piece.


Cover of the novel "Free Flows the River" from the writer Earl Murray. Published in USA by Tor Books editorial.

The Wild West and the landscape to the edges.
It is another of the large boxes of the trunk of the genres and is also full of divisions and cells. From the virgin landscape, the ornamentation, the skins ... to the adventure of the explorer and the most typical western revolver, vest and hat. It is a place to open the window and let oxygen enter. You know, the palette full of ocher and the distant horizon, all that they call life in harmony with nature.

The Wild West, that ideal place to lose your thoughts. Full of references and movies from childhood. It has a special attraction, and is to place the human being on the road rather than in front of his enemies. It is the place of the looks to the horizon and of the endless landscapes.
There is also a space in that moment of time, where man was not history, in which it is attractive to dive and imagine. Here also the landscape and many of the previous elements are valid.

The skies and clouds can be infinite. The mountains the valleys, the rocks, the forests, the wind, the snow ...
From the drawing board are trips of cleaning ideas, come back from them with the smell of thyme and tanned skin of sunsets.
-Luis Royo.

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