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Author Luis Royo

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88 x 61  cm
34.65 x 24.02  inch


Collection: Malefic Time

Exclusive graphic work remastered and interpreted by the author.

Limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist consisting of 25 individual pieces in a print run from 1/25 to 25/25.

Made on 340 gms/m2 watercolor paper, with a size of 88 x 61 cm. ( 34.64 x 24.01 in. )

With certificate of authenticity.


This is a Laberinto Gris special edition of the picture from the book Apocalypse, which has also been used for the cover of the Luz portfolio. The artist has specifically modified the work for this edition, choosing to enlarge the frame so that all its porosity emerges together with the melancholy of Luz’s image, and he brings it so close that he bathes us in its magic. It is a select large-format work for collectors.

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