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Limited editions


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Author Luis Royo

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61 x 81  cm
24.02 x 31.89  inch


Exclusive graphic work remastered and interpreted by the author.

Limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist consisting of 25 individual pieces in a print run from 1/25 to 25/25.

Made on 340 gms/m2 watercolor paper, with a size of 61 x 81 cm. ( 24.01 x 31.88 in. )

With certificate of authenticity.


This picture was the cover of the international re-edition of the book Dreams. The gorgeous figure submerges you in the dream-like world within a magical space full of energy. Laberinto Gris has chosen it for this carefully prepared large-format special edition for collectors because it is full of beauty and poetic serenity.  

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