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Limited editions

LUZ, 2038 PARÍS 1

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340 € 

Author Luis Royo

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82 x 61  cm
32.28 x 24.02  inch


Collection: Malefic Time

Exclusive graphic work different from the original, intervened by the author.

Limited Edition, numbered and signed by the author, edition consists of only 25 copies from a print run starting from 1/25 to 25/25.

Made on 340 gms/m2 watercolor paper, with a size of 82 x 61 cm. ( 24.02 x 32.28 in. )

With certificate of authenticity.


At Laberinto Gris we selected this work for a large format, quality edition with Malefic Time collectors specifically in mind. Luz silhouetted against the decadent, apocalyptic backdrop of Paris is one of the most beautiful pictures in the Malefic Time project. Romanticism, decadence and future combine harmoniously to create a serene, highly expressive work of art.

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