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Author Luis Royo

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  • AKL-8
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38 x 52  cm
14.96 x 20.47  inch


Graphite on tracing paper.

Painted surface of 28 x 40 cm ( 11.02 x 15.74 in) in a format of 38 x 52 cm ( 14.96 x 22.83 in)

Year of realization 2016.

Signed at the bottom right side of the piece.

Preliminary work of the final painting " Luz-Gabriel 1 " of the Malefic Time trilogy, Akelarre.

"The battle, the chase, took them to the district around the Chrysler building. There, the fight was particularly hard until Malefic’s blade broke the Archangel’s blazing sword in two, reducing it to a pile of burning metal splinters. Disarmed on the ground, Gabriel had no choice but to spread his wings and fly away, but Luz managed to cling on to one of his wings and be carried up with him."

Malefic Time, Akelarre.


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