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Author Romulo Royo

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  • MTAK-33-613-P
56 x 76  cm
22.05 x 29.92  inch


Ink, acrylic and oil on paper.

Size 56 x 76 cm.

Year of realization 2014

Published inside the authors book Malefic Time, Akelarre, page 33. Edited in different languages and distributed internationaly.

"The meeting in Paris culminated in a plan. We all divided up. The battle would be fought simultaneously in New York, Tokyo and Paris. The Celestials would be on the lookout. Yami would leave to give the message to Yukiko and the Moon Sect. Nergal, with half his army, would put Paris on a war footing. Luz’s plan was daring, to come out of the darkness. But she was Malefic. She inspired us all, including the Princes of the Night.

I was to go to New York. Before setting out, during our last walk together, totally unexpectedly Luz literally shoved me into the murky pond in the palace’s gardens. She leapt in after me, her thighs glistening with bright threads of water, pushed me up against a rock, wrapped her terse thighs around me and melted me, like butter in the sun, with a deep kiss".

Malefic Time, Akelarre



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