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Author Luis Royo

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  • MTAK-6-7
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70 x 50  cm
27.56 x 19.69  inch


Watercolor, acrylic with airbrush and oil on paper.

Painted surface 48 x 33 cm (18.89 x 12.99 ) in a format of 70 x 50 cm (27.55 x 19.68 in)

Year of realization 2015.

Signed at the bottom right side of the piece.

Work done for the third book of the Malefic Time trilogy, Akelarre. Published inside the author's book, page 6-7. Published in several languages ​​and distributed internationally.

One of the most attractive pieces of Luz. She appears without her usual clothes. Uncovered, she shows us her spirtitual purity in a sensual and sensitive way. she does not look at the spectator with her eyes but with her soul. Showing the bandages of previous battles and taking the Katanas with skill, they never leave her.

The author wanted to transmite a way more femenine and beautiful Luz on this occasion. Focusin on the beauty and delicate skin has managed to wrap the protagonist in a serene and full  attractive scene with his magnificient technique.

"In my sphere of unconsciousness, time does not exist, nor pain nor peace, either. It is an inert, expectant, incomplete state. The atmosphere swirls around me. My senses let fragments of conversations, voices that I recognize, waft in, but I do not know if these fleeting instants are real. Yet my body and my mind have reacted to a familiar vibration, to one of the voices. I perceive vague incantations from my lethargy. It is a rising tide that envelops me. I feel a very powerful presence close by. It is warming and accompanies me. Every cell in my body quivers as if anticipating an important moment".

Malefic Time, Akelarre


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